Chroma Print in line for Saica Pack Spain


In November 2015, a new five-color, state-of-the-art Chroma Print High Tech 2100 was installed in line with a new flat bed die cutter in one of Spain’s biggest paper companies. The flexo printer stands out for its high print and production quality and also its durablility and saving technology.

Celmacch developed this machine with the goal of making the technology simple and providing a high graphics flexo printer that is intuitive and user-friendly for the operator.

The machine is very durable; in fact Celmacch used only components supplied by leading manufacturers worldwide. Precision printing is provided by a number of high-tech devices, which Celmacch have been constantly improving over the last few years. In particular, it uses the new vacuum transport system, improved by using high friction with a special cover suitable for high temperatures that has been developed to be long lasting. These innovative transport systems offer the highest accuracy and perfect registration.

In order to improve the register, the Chroma Print is equipped with an innovative camera to correct the position of the front edge. A new quality control system helps to reduce waste and provides zero-defect production.

This machine is equipped with a new inspection system for controlling print quality that is completely integrated with the sheet ejector system able to inspect the whole surface. This device checks all defects related to print and background, register, missing text, register spots, barcode, splashes and color variations. The machine is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a new, modern look. Internally and externally the machine has been covered with stainless steel to help the operator keep the machine in perfect and optimum condition over the long term.