Celmacch is successfully moving forward on its growth path

2021 ended for Celmacch Group with highly successful and increasing operating performances by reporting an adjusted EBITDA exceeding 3 mln Euro. Only in the first half of 2022, Celmacch reports an order backlog of approx. 20 million Euro, covering both the sale of HBL flexo printers and rotary die-cutters.

In 2022, the Italian Company is once again confirming its growth-trend.

Celmacch has nowadays become a milestone in the Italian market and beyond, thanks to the remarkable collaborations engaged with the key-partners in the cardboard packaging industry. Last year Celmacch completed several projects with excellent results, which increased mutual trust between Supplier and Customers, also thanks to a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, which ensures a highly professional, reliable, and efficient post-sale service, and to 40 years’ experience in the high-definition flexo-printing industry.

An additional objective is to expand its product range.

Two innovative projects are nearing completion: one HBL machine for inside/outside printing, whose delivery is scheduled before the end of 2022, and a RDC 2800 for inside and outside printer which will be installed next year. Celmacch is satisfied with the impressive results achieved over the past years, which confirm the ongoing improvement process.
Its remarkable growth is supported by the strengthening of the company’s workforce, by the increasingly consolidated organizational structure and continued focus on Customers’ needs. New professional staff were recruited to work on special areas and projects that the Italian Company has undertaken till now – and is about to undertake.