Celmacch, a step ahead in technology, promising sales expectation confirmed!


Investing in innovation and technology is essential to face up to new challenges and to be a first-class supplier of flexographic print solutions. For Celmacch, the few last months have been significant with regard to stepping ahead in the market and setting new technological standards.

Several recent orders confirmed that both medium and international players are putting their trust in Celmacch’s latest high-tech developments. Chroma Print flexographic printers have been constantly improved and our products are equipped with the most advanced technical solutions, offering the highest print quality, increasing productivity and reducing job changeover time. Celmacch is proud to show off its new corporate branding which reflects its mission to strengthen and modernise how it works and develop the most innovative technologies.

Celmacch recently closed several deals with leading European players.

Spain’s leading corrugated packaging company will soon receive a Chroma Print High Tech II printer 2100 x 1300 mm, the second Celmacch HD flexo printer in the group. This machine, equipped with the most advanced technology and print inspection system will feed a new generation flatbed die cutter Bobst Mastercut 2.1.

Leading European packaging manufacturer, the VPK Group, will shortly install a new Chroma EVO in line 1700 x 1300 mm, an entry level Celmacch flexographic printer but that comes fully equipped with Siemens direct drive technology and high-tech specifications.

BestCarton, an innovative private company based in Israel, placed an order for a new Chroma Print High Tech II printer 1700 x 1300 mm. A reduction of job changeover time has been the biggest priority for BestCarton, and Celmacch has been able to provide them with a state-of-the-art flexographic printer.

Another Chroma Print will be installed at a well-known multinational company in France, 150 km from Lyon. The company recently purchased a Chroma High Tech II 2100 x 1300 mm to feed its Bobst Mastercut 2.1. This machine provides fast set up time, and is the best solution for dealing with small orders and reducing job changeover times.

A private Spanish company, Letro, just placed an order for a new Chroma RDC, the new servo-driven rotary die-cutter, High Board Line available in 2100 x 1600 mm or 2400 x 1600 mm. In fact, Celmacch has been investing greatly so as to become one of the top rotary die cutter manufacturers with fixed units over the next few years, specifically developed to offer the highest print quality and the best cutting accuracy.

Celmacch foresees pleasing success over the next few years and several installations in major European corrugated packaging companies. Its philosophy is the “made in Italy” approach, using exclusively first-class European components and providing maximum customer orientation.

Celmacch is always committed to stepping ahead in technology and aims to evolve into the only company able to offer the most reliable and innovative technology with the best value for money.