One of the biggest players In Russia, the Ilim group, invests in Celmacch and Asahi High-Technology


Ilim Group is undoubtedly one of the main companies on the Russian market, leader in paper production and cardboard converting. In May 2018, Ilim invested in a high-productivity line, choosing Celmacch for high-definition flexo printing and the well-known Japanese producer Asahi for flat die cutting. Therefore, this new line installed at Ilim Group represents an important strategic asset, created by the union of two qualified and innovative technologies, Celmacch and Asahi, in order to reach a fast growth in the high-quality packaging market.

Ilim Group was founded in October 2007 thanks to a 50% joint-venture between International Paper and Ilim Holding. This was the most important partnership in the paper industry between American and Russian business. Ilim Group owns the biggest paper mills for the production of pulp and paper in Russia, with production sites located in Koryazhma, Bratsk and Yst-Ilimsk. It also manages the wood production chain of the raw material, as well as two corrugated cardboard production plants in the Leningrad and Moscow regions. The Group produces more than 3 million tons pulp and paper production per year, and is strengthening its position among the most prominent Russian companies in the cardboard sector.

Ilim’s strategy focuses on the increasing of the production of value added products, like office paper, packaging and pulp, for which Ilim already plays a very significant role in Russia and China.

Therefore, it is very remarkable that the technological strategy of Ilim Group, which is so sharply expanding, chose reliable suppliers for flexo printing and die cutting in order to create a high-precision line.

Celmacch supplied a high-definition Chroma EVO 1700 line, with HBL fixed-group configuration and a maximum sheet format of 1700 x 1300 mm. Celmacch’s printer uses Siemens direct drives technology and every shaft is driven by one independent Siemens motor. The anilox roller changing system allows Ilim to benefit from a diversified anilox configuration, thereby obtaining a wide range of products. The HBL configuration and Celmacch’s high technology ensure a very high level of automation and quick job changeover timings.

The line is equipped with a telescopic vacuum transfer, which allows the connection between Celmacch’s printer and Asahi’s die cutter. This transfer was specifically designed to operate with the latest Asahi’s LAP-Feeder versions.

The line is perfectly interconnected to allow Ilim to work with the maximum efficiency. Concerning die cutting, Asahi supplied the AP-165E II E III model, which has a format of 1650X1200 mm and maximum speed of 6,000 sheet/hour, with excellent cutting precision.

The machinery purchased by Ilim Group was specifically designed to offer maximum efficiency, quick start, and guaranteed quality, with the highest levels of robustness.

Celmacch is ready to deliver a second line to a well-established Russian multinational, which will be installed again in line with a latest generation Asahi die cutter, model AP-2100, format of 2100 x 1300 mm, with a maximum speed of 7.000 sheets/hour. We can clearly state that technological excellence and tendency for innovation are always winning factors.

(*) Asahi is a registered trademark owned by Asahi Machinery Limited and/or its subsidiaries and Celmacch is not the producer of the machine Asahi.