Quick Start up and perfect register with new Celmacch “Quick in register”


Two minutes for register set up, continuous automatic monitoring and adjustment during production.

Technology can make the difference – and you can rely on Celmacch!

Celmacch is always on the lookout for smart solutions that make a difference. The quantity of orders is dropping and nowadays companies need to manage many but smaller production orders. As a result, set up time and efficiency is a very important parameter to consider.

Quality and zero-defect production is another requirement of the market and Celmacch is ready to provide you with up-to-date technology, exclusively developed in Europe in partnership with first-class leading suppliers. This ensures that Celmacch’s clients receive the best available on the market, according to the Celmacch philosophy of durability over time and quick return on investment. Celmacch has introduced its new “Quick to Register”, a high-tech device for super quick register adjustment. In only a couple of minutes this intelligent system allows you to register the machine perfectly.

The operator does not need to take by hands and check the corrugated sheets that are out of register. All he/she need do is simply check the video screen and make the adjustment with a very intuitive operator touch panel interface.

The Celmacch “Quick in Register” is a closed-loop color-to-color register control system designed to provide the flexo printer’s operators a very quick set-up time, minimize errors, reducing time and wastage. It detects printed marks on the sheet and uses this information to control and bring into register each print unit on start-up and throughout production, and upon request, this system can be upgraded in order to keep the register perfect thanks to an automatic monitoring system, without the need for operator intervention while the machine is running. By reading special reference marks and using specially-designed and powerful software algorithms, it is able to automatically adjusts transverse and longitudinal registers, thus offering the operator a very user-friendly and simple machine, without the need of graphic changes on the printing plates.

If your goal is just a quick start up to register, with this device there is no need for special targets or marks on the printing plate. On the other hand, in order to have continuous monitoring and register adjustment during production, it is necessary to have some special printed marks on the printing plate. With “Quick in Register”, Chroma Print can be put into perfectly registered accuracy in less than three minutes, which means that correction of the “out of register” can be done extremely quickly. Register control systems are essential elements of modern printing machines. Set-up times and wastage are reduced considerably, resulting in an increase in the productivity of the printing press.

“Quick in Register” helps to complete all the technological features of Celmacch Chroma printers, giving its clients many benefits such as minimizing wastage, ensuring print projects of high quality, optimizing processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.