Spanish Company, Letro, Installs the New Celmacch Chroma Cut


The Celmacch Chroma Cut, the new full servo-driven HBL rotary die cutter, available in various sizes (2100, 2400 and 2800) has just been installed at Letro, a Spanish company based in Madrid. Founded in 1986, Letro is a long-standing Celmacch customer and has in the past invested in machinery manufactured by the well-known Italian company. Once again, Letro has trusted Celmacch, installing the new Chroma CUT at its plant in Madrid, a latest-generation Celmacch HBL rotary die cutter, fully driven by direct motors. Celmacch is very proud to be a trusted supplier to Letro.

Innovation, continuous investment in the latest technological solutions, exclusive use of first-class components, simplicity and durability are the key success factors of the new Chroma CUT rotary die cutter.

The and the open machine architecture enable operators to set the machine while it is running without stopping production. The die-cutting accuracy is surprising and the machine is equipped with a special innovative system for the anvil trimmer and the speed of the anvil is adjusted in relation to the wearing of the anvil. The Quick Mount Die System provides a way to dramatically reduce the die cutter mounting and job changeover times. Chroma CUT is a combination of high print quality and a perfect rotary die cutter.

Letro, which opted for a 5-colour machine, chose a configuration for standard jobs as well as anilox allowing maximum print results, with over 300 lpcm, in order to achieve quality standards that are close to offset printing. After the last printing unit, a very long, double-vacuum transport section has been added, with a special vacuum system to prevent dust from damaging print quality. Chroma CUT is not only a high-productivity rotary die cutter, but it also provides very high definition printing for highest quality results. “Other European customers have already shown their interest in the new Celmacch Chroma CUT”, said Luca Celotti, owner of Celmacch, “and between 2017 and 2018 there will be several installations in leading European companies. Our company policy has been well rewarded: that is, designing and producing high-technology.”