Celmacch Chroma Print Achieves Offset Quality


Chroma Print offers excellent quality graphics close to offset.

On the path leading to the highest printing levels, Celmacch recently built and tested a Chroma Print High Tech 1700 line at its factory in Desenzano del Garda. This line is equipped with the most advanced technology available on the market and it prints by using full HD Flexo technology, with maximum results and an overall quality that is very close to the offset standards.

Simec Ceramic Double Cell anilox rolls were chosen with 480 lpcm, volume of 2.5 cm³m² and angle of 70 degrees. Using semi-coated and coated cardboard with a top-quality liner was another determining factor. The machinery tested in Celmacch factory is a 1700 x 1300 mm format with 4-color printing units, it comes with 4 Celmacch carbon chambered doctor blades and it is equipped with Celmacch infrared and hot air drying equipments. As has been shown by the many tests already carried out, the machine is able to reach outstanding image quality levels, a perfect register even at very high speeds, a very high definition for a flexographic printing, with a printing resolution at 65 lines per cm and over.

Celmacch’s technology, as a result of ongoing continuous experience and research, makes it possible to meet the requirements of those customers looking for the highest quality standards and high-definition images, which should appear as sharp and deep, by using a wider color range. The obtained results are surprising and they fully meet the expectations of the most demanding cardboard boxes producers, who expect a print quality that is very close to the offset standards.

Celmacch is manufacturing various high-definition Chroma Print lines at the moment, some of them with 6 colors and equipped with a system that allows to change the anilox rolls automatically in very short time in order to use different screen rulings in relation to Customers’ requests. These innovative steps taken by the Italian Company show that Celmacch is the ideal partner concerning highest-quality printing. An excellent machine is required, of course, as a starting point, but furthermore Celmacch is committed to providing all its experience in selecting the best printing elements like cardboard, anilox rolls, inks, the best printing plates, etc.

The recently tested Chroma Print High Tech 1700 is now ready to be installed at Sabox, which is part of the Sada Group and a market leader in Southern Italy that continuously invests in the most advanced technologies existing on the market. Making innovative competences and products available for the most important Italian companies is a reason for great pride for Celmacch and a confirmation that it is following the correct evolutionary path.