New innovative drying system double actions IR + HOT AIR


High performance drying systems for flexographic printers.

Celmacch has developed an innovative and efficient Infrared and hot air drying system in order to improve the performance of your flexo printer and deliver excellent printing result. CTP dryers improve your machine running speeds especially when printing on coated paper and are developed to solve all known problems of trapping (faulty ink covering power), of ghosting (varnish coloring, marks and grooves).

  • Excellent drying results.
  • Energy saving/independent lighting in each sector.
  • Increased production.
  • Double action IR + Hot air.
  • Improved print quality.
  • Ease Maintenance and Safety.

One important way to reduce your energy consumption is related to the modular technology, with with independent lighting for each sector/module. In fact, every dryer is divided into sectors, that can be activated independently in order to grant the lowest energy consumption. This process can be managed by a user friendly operator touch paner as you can see below.

The Double actions and the high flexibility of these drying systems are an important advantage that makes CTP dryers the best chioce to upgrade your flexo printer. The IR heats the sheet in depth, while hot air dries its surface, promoting a double drying effect. In addition, Celmacch offers the possibility to use only the hot air or the combination of hot air and infrared according to the different customer’s needs.