Sandra Chooses Celmacch

Celmacch is excited to cooperate with Sandra S.p.a., one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard in Italy, which has been in this industry for over 60 years. Sandra S.p.a. is a well-structured and continuously expanding organization; in fact, it counts around 500 employees working on two production plants: San Polo di Torrile (72,000 square meters of which 30,000 are covered) and Casale di Mezzani(145,000 square meters of which 45,000 are covered).

The company consistently invests part of its revenues in technological innovation, safety and training every year. Since 2006, it has crossed national borders and landed abroad through the creation of a partnership with three other historical European companies: Spain’s Hinojosa Packaging, Germany’s Klingele and Belgium’s VPK Packaging. The network was created to respond the international customers need to have a single partner able to distribute packaging solutions extensively throughout Europe.
Sandra needed to invest in an off-line flexographic printing machine that could consistently produce at significant speeds.

Accordingly, Sandra decided to rely on Celmacch technology in achieving its goals, investing in a Chroma High Tech printer with off-line stacker.The machine is equipped with a high-precision belt feeder, n. 03 HBL printing units, carbon chambered doctor blade system, vacuum transfer with sheet ejector for quality control and high pile stacker. The machine was delivered to Sandra in May 2022 and started to produce in June.

Chroma High tech is Celmacch’s premium model, with features that make it unique in its industry.

Particularly, thanks to the quick set up, operators can access the printing units during production for plate changing.
Chroma High tech reaches a maximum speed of 10,000 sheets per hour, ensuring maximum printing quality and high productivity.