Wok, one of the main polish producer of corrugated solutions chose Celmacch Chroma Print


Celmacch installs another Celmacch Chroma Print High Tech 2100X1300 in line with an automatic die cutter Mastercut 2.1* produced and sold by Bobst. This Chroma Print is equipped with an Alliance Pre feeder.

WOK is one of the few private companies in Poland still owned by the founders, specializing in the production of corrugated board and corrugated cardboard packaging. It was established in 1991 in Brodnica as the initiative of Stefania and Stanislaw Wisniewski in response to the market needs. “As director of Sweets Factory Vobro I faced the problem of packaging supplies for our products – recalls Stanislaw Wisniewski, president of WOK company. – With the consent of the owner my wife Stefania took care of acquiring corrugated board and I myself built the first die-cutting machine for packaging. Folding and gluing were done manually. My wife quickly gained another client – a local creamery and soon it turned out that the number of orders exceeded our production capacity. I decided to leave Vobro and focus on family business. In 1996 we constructed the first electric corrugator based on the documentation of a machine working in Paper Mill in Bydgoszcz and started servicing local furniture manufacturers, for whom we produced simple, not printed packaging, but – due to the size of the products – requiring a large amount of corrugated board. In 2000 we built a simple but more professional steam corrugator.”

In 2003, the construction of a new building consisting of a modern office space and a large production and warehouse hall started, which – gradually expanded – enabled expansion on the Polish market. Currently, the total area of both plants is about 30,000 sqm and WOK employs nearly 400 people. The company works in three-shift system, 5 days a week, if necessary, also on weekends.

Wok opted for a Chroma Print HT printer fully servo driven, equipped with direct drive motor feeder, 3 colours and vacuum transfer for connecting to the automatic die-cutter. Thanks to automation offered by Celmacch, with Chroma Print HT the printing plate can be changed during production and the mechanical speed is up to 10,000 sheets / hour. With the brand-new automatic washing system and the latest generation of carbon fiber chambered doctor blades, washing is very quick and efficient. Installation and commissioning of the Chroma Print took place very rapidly, allowing WOK to quickly start production.

Wok has chosen Celmacch as a partner for high definition flexographic printing, knowingly buying one of most advanced flexographic printers on the market, which provides the best performance and user-friendly technology that allows for reduced maintenance costs, based on commercial parts and eliminating dedicated parts that make maintenance complicated and expensive.

“Celmacch High Tech Series machines have a very good reputation on the market; their users are not only private companies such as ours, but also global packaging companies, which was an important recommendation for us – explains the decisive factors WOK’ president. – The quality/price ratio was also crucial. Celmacch flexo printer was a part of the investment – its core is Bobst’s Mastercut die-cutting machine which we integrated with the printing machine and pre feeder made by Alliance. The speed of 7,000 sheets per hour is determined by the die-cutting capacity. The machine itself can print with a maximum sheet size of 2100 x 1300 mm at a maximum speed of 10 000 sheets/h. We are very satisfied with the print quality offered by Celmacch machine we purchased and although we have chosen a 3-colour machine due to space constraints, we are already considering investing in additional printing units or purchasing a new 6-colour machine.”

The new line will enable WOK to acquire premium packaging orders requiring the highest print quality thanks to the flexo HD technology offered by the new printing machine. “We specialize in packaging for the mass market, which is mostly price driven – explains Stanislaw Wisniewski. – However, more and more customers are willing to pay more for higher quality to stand out on the shelf, especially with shelf-ready packaging, so we will certainly continue to invest in achieving full HD quality. We are aware that three colours are not enough.”

Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the board packaging market with flexographic printing, Celmacch knows well the needs of customers and of those who work in the sector and, starting from an in-depth needs analysis, offers the most effective and high-tech solutions.

(*) “Bobst” and “Mastecut 2.1” are registered trademarks owned by Bobst SA and/or its subsidiaries. Celmacch is not the producer of the machine Bobst and for the sake of clarity Celmacch wishes to clarify that there is no any commercial and/or technical link between Bobst and Celmacch.